Next Generation Strategies for Supply Chain Optimization

Businesses that find a solution to their most disruptive supply chain issues will not only overcome this adversity but displace those that can’t, or won’t, adapt. Solutions can come in many forms, but the most effective solutions produce early detection of supply chain breakdowns as a result of a digital transformation.

Join Bryan Polozola, CFO at UniWell Laboratories, a premier contract manufacturer of nutraceuticals, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and supplements, as he shares his transformative experience in partnering with the Fractional CIO & Advisory Services team at Net at Work. You’ll learn about:

  • Today’s top supply chain challenges & common approaches to solve them
  • Early detection and response of supply chain breakdowns
  • Supply chain spotlight on UniWell Laboratories:
    • Visibility enhancements extended to their inventory, planning & scheduling processes
    • The ensuing reduction of 800-1,200 lines of weekly overdue items down to 5