Employee Benefits Administration and Management

Moving benefits enrollment and management online can save countless hours, paperwork, and significantly reduces time delays and errors due to manual processing.

In this recorded webinar we will review everything about managing employee benefits and the online tools available for automation, including:

  • Benefits Administration: Benefit rules and settings, plus alerts and reports that can help you automatically search for important deadlines, so you can avoid costly compliance issues, expired benefits, or missed recertification deadlines. When the system identifies an issue, it can send an alert so appropriate action can be taken.
  • Online Benefits Enrollment: A secure online site for employees to see their current benefits and make benefit changes related to life events or open enrollment.
    Any changes online can then be approved and automatically updated in your core HR System.
  • Benefits Messenger: Electronically and securely submit benefit elections, employee benefit changes and new employee benefits elections to your insurance and other carriers. Helps avoid costly mistakes such as missing a cancellation or forgetting to add someone to a plan.