We are continuing our workshop series focused on practical, how-to instructions for users of Sage HRMS. In each session, we will concentrate on a specific topic that you can apply to your HRMS system.

In this session…

The tax cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) made significant changes to tax rates, deductions tax credits and withholding calculations. In conjunction with these changes, the IRS released new tax tables and in November, 2019, will release a new form W-4.  Significant changes to how the form is completed and processed by the payroll department means that payroll professionals need to be reviewing the  modifications now.

Changes to the 2019 W-4 include:

  • Number of Allowances has been eliminated
  • New Marital Status Box – Head of Household has been added
  • New Lines for Additions to income, itemized and other deductions
  • New lines for Additional Household Income.

Payroll and HR departments need to be prepared to address employee questions about the form and how it will affect their paychecks.  Join us to learn more about the changes and what you and employees can do to be prepared.