Have More Time to Concentrate on Your People and Not the Processes to Manage Them

Human resource departments are notorious for keeping paper — employee applications and contracts, I-9’s, benefits forms, payroll disputes, time-off requests — and for good reason. HR manages and controls a large volume and variety of information that is highly confidential. However, laws and technology have evolved so that it’s now possible to maintain these files electronically, completely eliminating the need for paper.

Join us as we discuss document management for HR and how you’ll be able to save time and reduce errors for better and faster decision-making, and improved employee performance.

Learn how to electronically manage everything related to your employees by implementing a document management solution in HR, including:

  • Posting job vacancies and managing applications
  • Interviews and on-boarding of new employees
  • Employee reviews, payroll and benefits administration
  • Other employee records (ie payroll disputes, time-off requests, etc.)