Cloud Hosting Options for Sage

sageWhat would happen if your servers failed and your Sage application and other technology your business relies on was not accessible – potentially for days?

According to IDC, as many as 50% of organizations affected by some form of disaster won’t survive the event. Of those that do, IDC found that the average cost of downtime is $250,000 per hour across all industries and organizational sizes.

Watch this recorded webcast and learn why more and more organizations are moving their Sage systems to the cloud. Topics will include:

  • How operating in the cloud has a positive impact on:
    – Redundancy & Disaster Recovery
    – System Performance
    – Security
    – Consistency of Data and Reporting
  • What cloud hosting options look like for Sage, pricing models, architecture and design.
  • The Cloud at Work options available from Net at Work, including:
    – Moving current systems to the cloud, or
    – Migrating your on-premise solution to a per-employee-per-month pricing model.