Why Managed Services Could Be Key For Your Business Continuity

Last year businesses experienced multiple waves of serious and disruptive events. Some were crippled by the unexpected. Others didn’t miss a beat. Of those that fared well, many worked with managed service providers (MSP) to handle important security and operational tasks.

In this on-demand webinar we’ll cover the strategic importance of managed services, compare traditional IT Support to what Managed Services delivers, and illustrate how it can & should complement your current IT staff. Topics will include:

  • Why understanding the difference between digital safety and compliance is critical to achieving world class resilience
  • Defining Managed IT as Service (ITaaS) / Managed Services Provider (MSP)
  • What is the appropriate IT Spend for your organization
  • How Managed Services is meant to complement your IT staff
  • Why your business needs to conform to IT & Security Best Practice
  • What is Cyber-Hygiene & why is it vital to keeping your organization safe
  • How Managed Services for IT mitigates business risk
  • How accurate, detailed reporting and documentation are the keys to remediation, planning and budgeting