As more organizations have directed employees to work from home, or are being mandated to close their office doors, it’s imperative to review your business continuity plans and prepare for the possibility of a longer-term, fully remote workforce.

Join our experts for a discussion around IT-related policies and technologies that should be considered during this time. Topics include:

  • Technology Needs Assessment
  • The User Experience – assuring ease of use and performance when using applications/systems and accessing business critical data
  • Cloud vs. Traditional VPN: benefits analysis
  • Disaster Recovery: evaluating existing systems & determining if anything needs to be changed
  • Security: protecting documents and applications; guarding against COVID-related Phishing attacks and Ransomware
  • Maintaining communications with an increasingly distributed workforce
  • Standardizing collaboration platforms
  • BYOD (bring your own device) policies
  • Telework Best Practices