Elevating Your Manufacturing & Distribution Model

Today’s next generation manufacturers are maximizing CRM use beyond the common feature sets of tracking communications, emails, and customer details – resulting in key operational improvements in their manufacturing operations.

In this on-demand virtual discussion, we will illustrate these bottom-line improvements and demonstrate why Microsoft’s CRM is the right fit for a manufacturing/distribution business model. We’ll show the key CRM for manufacturing features including:

  • Cross Department Full Picture View
    How CRM combines interactions and flags from all departments including accounting and customer service for a better-informed sales team
  • Keeping Track of Specifications
    Manufacturing custom products often comes with many documents, details, and communications that lack centralization. See how you can maintain this information in a central location and use it for analytics and searching
  • Department Hand-Off
    See how various people involved in the final sale and delivery of your product can smoothly track and pass responsibilities to one another
  • Quality Control
    Use Case Management to track any product issues and resolutions
  • External Users
    Dynamics CRM can safely allow external users (even those in China) to securely access and add data – when other system access may be restricted.