Access On-Demand Microsoft Teams Training Sessions

Microsoft Teams TrainingMicrosoft Teams Training

At Net at Work we continue to help our clients stay connected to their workforce as much possible during the pandemic. One tool that many organizations already own but may not have unleashed its power is: Microsoft Office 365 Teams. If you already have MS Office 365 or if you are interested in learning more, access our complimentary series of web-based trainings.

These are the same courses we use to train our professional staff. There are 6 sessions in all that you can watch now.

Complete the form for access to the complete series of Microsoft Teams training courses. Sessions Include:

  • Session 1: Introduction to MS O365 Teams
  • Session 2: Getting started with Teams
  • Session 3: Understanding Communication with Teams
  • Session 4: Meetings with Microsoft Teams
  • Session 5: Apps, Bots and 3rd Party Connector
  • Session 6: Microsoft OneDrive