An LMS is critical to the success of companies in 2023 and beyond.

The cost of losing an employee can be up to 3x the person’s salary
62% of employers believe they are NOT doing a good job of meeting their employees training needs.
Out of 4,300 workers surveyed, 74% felt they were not reaching their full potential at work.*

Isn’t investing in the job capabilities, skill development, business acumen and overall leadership abilities of your employees more important than ever?

The best way to get started is establishing a technology infrastructure that facilitates the effective training and education of your staff anywhere, anytime – i.e. a Learning Management System (LMS).

In this on-demand webinar we will demonstrate DialogEDU, a next generation LMS, and illustrate firsthand how it solves older technology limitations with a feature rich educational platform that enriches the learning environment. Features covered will include:

  • Interactive modules of microlearning and engaging content making learning easier with better learning outcomes
  • A mobile responsive ecosystem that fits seamlessly alongside thousands of digital plug-and-play tools, into any organization’s technology infrastructure
  • Delivering custom tailored content to each user’s history, role, location, and language
  • Integrations with ERP and HR systems allowing for completion data to automatically populate, keeping employees’ files current

Join us to learn more about DialogEDU and how you can unleash the power of your organization’s capabilities with next generation digital LMS solutions.