sage 300

What Challenges Might I Solve by Using Number Changers in Sage 300?

There are a number of challenges really, here are the most common:

  • Current Schema doesn’t allow you to find data quickly.
  • Current Schema is running out of room to add new numbers.
  • Current Schema doesn’t sort or filter reporting the way it is needed.
  • Current Schema doesn’t allow you consolidate company data via import of external records.

What Number Changers exist within Sage 300?

Sage 300 has 4 different number changes that allow you to both change and combine key indexed fields:

  • GL Account Code Change
  • AP Vendor Number Change
  • AR Customer Number Change
  • IC Item Number Change

All Changers provide the ability to change and combine your historical number to a new number and bring all of the historical transactions forward associated with the new number. Join this session to learn how to use these powerful database tools to solve your current database schema challenges.