Key Topics:

  • Payroll practitioners should proactively design redundancy and business-continuity plans.
  • Contingency plans for paying employees and fulfilling tax obligations during an emergency should be developed.
  • The Fundamental shift of on-premise to cloud and the new world of remote employees.

Workforce disruptions like Coronavirus can have serious effects on payroll processing if adequate staffing is not available. Among the complications are missed or late payrolls; delayed third-party payments; potential federal, state, and local regulatory violations; and contractual breaches. Additionally, employee morale and productivity may suffer.

Join this session for guidance on creating and instituting a payroll continuity plan before disaster strikes. Our Employer Solutions team will provide ideas that you can start to institute immediately, plus share the framework for the start of a more comprehensive payroll continuity plan.

Plus, we will share the availability of free “anytime learning” classes on payroll processing, as well as several “payroll processing training classes online”- all provided at no cost to our clients. These resources are designed to help our customers increase the bench strength within their organization to meet payroll processing needs.