Are You Prepared to Handle the Latest Cyber Threats?

As recently witnessed by the WannaCry cyberattack, there is a growing epidemic: Ransomware, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), and phishing attacks are responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in damage due to lost productivity, tainted credibility and worse – lost revenue. As attackers plan increasingly more sophisticated attacks, your organization needs to know how best to prepare and protect your employees and your data.

View this recorded webinar where we will examine the current threat landscape and how these threats impact your business, as well as best practices on how to defend against an attack and mitigate your risks. The session will inform you about:

  • Different types of attack and their anatomies
  • What happens when an attack is a combination of threats all at once
  • Why traditional tools and approaches are no longer effective
  • Layered approach to defense — what this means and how to implement it