Preventing the “If Only We Had Known” Syndrome

Surprises are wonderful at birthday parties; they’re not nearly so much fun in your business.

Join us as we demonstrate how Sage Alerts & Workflow is the “smoke detector” your business needs — automatically monitoring your ERP and related systems for critical business conditions that can cost your organization time, money, and customer satisfaction.

In this recorded webinar you’ll see how Alerts & Workflow:

  • Automates collections including invoice & statement generation and alerts about credit status changes.
  • Alerts about “exceptions” such as insufficient order profit margin and late deliveries.
  • Auto-Identifies trends like customers who are buying considerably more (or less!) than usual.
  • Generates & delivers reports including all your Crystal reports as well as graphic analyses of business activities.
  • Streamlines approval processes such as the review of outstanding POs and requests for special discounts.
  • Auto-monitors email – including messages sent to generic accounts like “info” and “support”.