Business Activity Monitoring

Join us as we demonstrate how Alerts & Workflow for Sage 100 automatically monitors your ERP and other systems data, for time sensitive conditions – triggering workflow, task automation, report generation and email monitoring.

In this recorded webinar we will cover Alerts & Workflow’s BI-strength data mining capabilities, including:

  • Monitoring critical business conditions such as A/R invoices that are overdue for payment, items with excessive cost increases, and clients whose credit status has changed.
  • Automating repetitive processes, such as invoicing, collections, and purchase order processing.
  • Spotting key trends including clients who have stopped ordering from you, or have changed their buying habits.
  • Scheduling & trigger analytical reports, such as the A/R Aging or Stock Status reports.
  • Monitoring the content of incoming email so that messages sent to addresses such as info(at) don’t disappear into a black hole.
  • Identifying enterprise-level business conditions such that exist between your ERP and CRM solutions.