Mine your company’s data to make better decisions

Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) directly links to your Sage X3 / Sage 500 helping you easily transform complex data into meaningful information that has real decision-making power.

It goes beyond the world of report writers to provide an intuitive, unified view of integrated data from various sources, and complements the core analytic tools built into Sage ERP with a much broader set of analytical functionality.

In this on-demand webinar demonstration, you’ll see how with Sage Enterprise Intelligence you can:

  • Cut Through the Noise. Connects to your Sage X3 / Sage 500 providing easy-to-use diagnostic and analysis tools to help focus your attention on important events affecting your business.
  • Get Formidable decision support-quickly. Provides business users, managers, and executives with a simple tool to access and analyze real-time
    enterprise data.
  • Share and Collaborate with ease. Finally, you can simplify and accelerate the distribution of critical information across your organization.
  • Give Others the Power to analyze Data, too. Give users the power to analyze and create reports on their own-with no special expertise required.