Automatically Monitor Your Sage HRMS and Other Business Data for Critical, Time-Sensitive Conditions

Sage HRMS Does IT need to know if an employee has been onboarded? Does the CFO need a report of payroll liabilities emailed once payroll is complete? Do managers need to be reminded that evaluations or licenses are coming due?

During this on-demand webinar we will discuss how Sage Alerts & Workflow continuously monitors your Sage HRMS and provides alerts when needed. Learn to resolve data workflow issues, remove redundant work from your team and deliver needed reports and analysis on a scheduled basis to save time. Key benefits include:

  • Automating HR Tasks – Automate repetitive and redundant tasks that are currently done manually, saving time for your HR staff.
  • Monitoring Employee-Related Conditions & Changes – Automatically identify and respond to employee-related potential problems, exceptions and anomalies. Set up alerts for changes and corrections within your systems.
  • Managing Errors and Saving Time – Detect and adapt to errors and exceptions automatically and get real-time alerts delivered over email, fax, text, IM, screen pops, dashboards, and more

Watch now to explore the ability to receive data changes, monitor critical data points and automatically send reports.