One of the keys to Employee Satisfaction is an understanding of the total compensation they receive from you. In this session we will explore how you can use your existing Sage HRMS modules to create effective and eye-catching Benefit Statements.

Using Sage HRMS Crystal Reports as our development tool, we will look at several examples of Benefits/Total Compensation Statements including:

  • Personalizing statements using Sage HRMS data
  • Effective use of graphs including pie, bar, and dashboards
  • Importing descriptions and other text-based data into a benefit statement
  • Use payroll data to show employer matches (and what if payroll is outsourced?)
  • Using attendance to show the value of time taken and PTO accrued
  • Include training reimbursements and other Train data
  • Combining Sage HRMS and non-Sage HRMS data: Tips and Tricks
  • Printing options