Sage X3 is the best enterprise management solution of choice to grow and run a lean, agile organization.

Discrete manufacturers and distributors need enterprise wide collaboration tools to thrive in the connected economy. In a recent survey several top priorities included: Accelerating product development and time to market, increased production, elimination of waste, lower costs, enhance customer engagement and value chain collaboration.

During this demonstration you’ll see how Sage X3 addresses these priorities and takes the complexity out of running your business. It simplifies every part of your operation, leaving you lean and ready for whatever comes next, wherever you are in the world. We will show how with Sage X3 you can:

  • Accelerate product development cycles with workflow optimization and process management tools.
  • Budget and execute project-based manufacturing from quote to finish
  • Capture full traceability & quality control with security & audit trail throughout the product development cycle.
  • Dashboards personalized for key roles to monitor performance and be alerted of anomalies affecting your business in real time
  • Enhance Customer Engagement and Value Chain Collaboration with integrated web store and price book.
  • Zero in on key performance indicators to proactively spot trends and opportunities.