Getting More from Your Sage X3 ERP Application

Sage X3One of the things we hear all the time is “I know there is more I can do in X3” so we know end users may not be aware of all the modules you can access in Sage X3.

Perhaps you went live with the idea to phase in additional functionality and didn’t get there yet. Or perhaps you have been using Sage X3 for so long, you didn’t know that these modules have been added since you went live

Watch our on-demand webinar where we will demonstrate three related functions that we think are underused by Sage X3 users:

  • Quality: Sage X3 has strong quality control functionality enabling various quality rules by item or group. Quality checks can be required as part of the receiving process or within the manufacturing process.
  • Non-Conformance: This relatively new functionality is triggered when a service, product or process does not meet defined internal specifications or industry regulations and standards. This module supports continuous improvement programs by identifying issues, adjusting, and then following up on previously identified issues.
  • Version and Change Management: This module builds on the non-conformance flow to provide greater control of Products, Bills of Materials, and Routings. Workflow steps and notifications support the management of product design, releases, and changes for your design, manufacturing, and engineering projects.