Dynamics ERP & Salesforce CRM

For many companies, meaningful ERP integration with their CRM system has been either impossible or improbable. Now front- and back-end integration is not only possible, it is simple and seamless.

In this session we’ll discuss how Salesforce integration with MS Dynamics ERP works, the best practices for implementation, and also show a live demo of MS Dynamics ERP integrated with Salesforce. This integration works with all versions of MS Dynamics ERP, including AX, NAV, SL, and GP. In the video, we will highlight:

  • Viewing MS Dynamics ERP information in Salesforce
  • Customer reporting in Salesforce from MS Dynamics ERP data
  • Working with customer Billing & Shipping in Salesforce
  • Tracking orders and statuses in Salesforce
  • Promoting prospects in Salesforce to customers in MS Dynamics ERP
  • Using customer price books to quote and sell in Salesforce
  • Posting orders from Salesforce into MS Dynamics ERP
  • Mobile-ready enablement for Salesforce
  • Net at Work Quick Start deployment

If your accounting team uses the MS Dynamics ERP application and your sales and service teams use Salesforce, this webinar is a must for you. Find out how our application can help you connect disparate data, streamline processes, gain marketing insights, turn leads into sales, and most importantly, help you make more money.