Become a Connected Nonprofit with Salesforce for Nonprofits.

Part of the mission of Salesforce (the world’s leading CRM app) is to give back, and through the Salesforce Foundation as a qualified nonprofit you may be eligible for the world’s leading customer engagement platform at no cost.

As a Salesforce Foundation partner Net at Work has created quick and easy configuration programs to help you message, manage and reach your organizational goals.

In this recorded webinar we discuss Salesforce Foundation and how it can help your nonprofit, including:

  • Why Customer Relationship Management (CRM) matters.
  • How Salesforce has adopted this platform for nonprofits.
  • Discuss the Net at Work Quick Start for Salesforce.
  • Get an overview of the NPSP (Nonprofit Starter Pack), which includes:
    • Donation and Recurring Donation Management
    • Basic Membership Management
    • Volunteer Management
    • Household Management
    • Gifts, Pledges & Soft Credits
    • Nonprofit Relationship Management

Watch this webinar to see how we can help your business. The value of the Salesforce Foundation gift is $15,000 in licensing annually and free of charge. It will make a difference in helping you succeed.