With FileBound integrated to Sage ERP, there are no more empty promises of turning paper AP invoices into digital invoices.

FileBound provides an affordable way to convert paper invoices to e-invoices, automatically capture information off the invoices with the click of a mouse & pass that information from approved invoices directly to Sage 100, 300 and 500 for effortless vouchering and approvals.

Key Topics:

  • Discover the ease of an online approval process
    Learn how FileBound allows you to route the invoices electronically for approval, match the line item detail to existing GL codes and pass all the information directly into your Sage MAS90/200/500 accounting system . These documents are then stored securely for later retrieval in FileBound or from your accounting system.
  • Better together
    FileBound and Sage. Sage and FileBound. The two solutions working hand in hand provide small and mid-sized organizations with tremendous benefits. Sharing data seamlessly ensures fast, efficient business processes that: In AP enables you to get early payment discounts; In AR enables faster invoicing so you collect your money more quickly.
  • Is this cost effective?
    Yes. Many organizations save enough money in the first year to completely pay for the solution. Those savings come from reducing the costs sending invoices from office to office via FedEx/UPS or from reducing space leased to store documents. As well, the processes become so efficient that new staff is not required when business increases.
  • Is this only for Accounting?
    No. With our unlimited integration capabilities many of our clients use the solution company wide. The benefit of the solution is shared with Operations, Legal, HR, Accounting, and more.