Virtual Panel Discussion: Get to know the SHIELD Act and how it applies to businesses, even if they are based outside of New York.

Effective earlier this year, New York has a new data security law which affects every organization who does business with or employs residents of New York State. The “Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security Act” (SHIELD Act) imposes specific cybersecurity requirements on businesses and penalties for those who do not comply.

Watch this virtual panel discussion reviewing the act and how it applies to any person or business, even those outside of the New York, that own or license data containing “private information” of a New York resident. We have designed this panel, not just from an IT perspective, but also to discuss and review the administrative, legal and security aspects too.

Discussion topics include:

  • SHIELD Act – What’s the story so far?
  • Is this a toothless act or is it truly being enforced?
  • What do you have to report to the Attorney General’s office?
  • How do you do report this information?
  • What constitutes a “record”?
  • What are the penalties for not complying?
  • What are “reasonable” protections?
  • How can I get help to make sure my business is doing the right thing?

This discussion is for Business Owners, CEOs, CFOs and anyone who wants to understand what this law entails and how to navigate it successfully.