Microsoft Dynamics CRM Best Practices

If you’ve looked at the Security in Dynamics CRM, you’ve seen many pages and tabs of options and settings, but what should you change? If a salesperson leaves, what should you do? Understanding best practices is just as important as understanding the system that you’re using.

Watch this on-demand webinar to demystify these key functions in Dynamics CRM and better enable your organization for success. Key topics to be covered include:

  • Setting Up a New User – Take a walk with us through the backend to apply a license and set a user up with access to the Sales Hub.
  • Out of the Box Security Roles & Best Practices for Rights – Review the most popular security roles and understand to whom they should be applied.
  • Creating a Custom Security Role & Applying it to a User – Step through the required actions to create a new security role and adding a custom entity to it.
  • What to Do When a Salesperson Leaves the Company – Best practices for when a salesperson leaves and their accounts and sales are still in motion.
  • Auditing – What is auditing? Why turn it on and how to configure it so you don’t slow your system down.