Unlike a decade ago, businesses are increasingly investing in enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that are suited to their budgets and operating environments. But the change in the economy means that businesses are now extra wary of the cost and risk of an implementation.

Watch this FREE recorded webinar to learn about a framework you can use for ERP justification and vendor selection. Ensure you don’t overlook the important questions when choosing a software package to help run your business.

Watch this recorded webinar to find out:
  • How the economy has redefined the way businesses use ERP to conduct business and compete effectively
  • Key criteria you can use to evaluate modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions
  • How today’s ERP systems can make your business more flexible, agile and competitive
  • How to take advantage of complete systems visibility to drive overall profitability
  • Today’s reporting capabilities utilizing real-time data, allowing for better business decisions
Featured Speakers

Eric Kimberling
Eric Kimberling has over 10 years of experience devoted to the field of ERP and IT Benefits Realization, including performance measurement, process improvement, and organizational change management. He is the President and founder of Panorama Consulting Group, a US-based company that provides IT and ERP Benefits Realization consulting to international companies.

Erik Kaas
Erik Kaas is Director of Product Management for Mid Market ERP products at Sage. He is responsible for managing the product life cycle from strategic planning to tactical activities. Erik manages a team of product managers responsible for specifying market requirements for current and future products.

Michael Oliver-Goodwin
Michael Oliver-Goodwin is a Contributing Editor for Focus. He is a widely published writer and an experienced editor for publications, including PC World, MacWeek and InfoWorld.