Announcing the Release of Sage 300 v2022.
Plus: Get a Refresher on v2021 & v2020 Key Features.

Sage has just released the latest Sage 300/Sage 300cloud version 2022 with many system enhancements that you’ve been asking for.

In this on-demand webinar we’ll highlight the new enhancements & features in the new version 2022. Plus, we’ll also review all the new features from the previous 2021 & 2020 updates.

Get a sneak peak of what’s new in Sage 300 v2022:

  • New Date and Location functions within PO and OE
  • Licensing Changes
  • Improvements to Bank Feeds
  • Web Screen Finder Improvements
  • 9 New Web Screens including PJC
  • Financial Reporter Update

Refresher: Sage 300 v2021 Key Features

  • Improved Security
  • Support for Withholding Sales Tax
  • Increased Check # field length
  • Control Customer Account Set in OE Order
  • Invoicing – New Pay Now button with Stripe & Paypal
  • BOM # available with Order & Credit note screens
  • Web Screen Enhancement – Text Sizing

Refresher: Sage 300 v2020 Key Features

  • Multiple Contacts for Customers & Vendors with document control
  • Admin – Forced User Logout in Webscreens
  • Multi-Company / Colored Browser Tabs
  • Webscreens – Employee Time cards
  • Online Help