See The All New Version of Sage 300 & Hear Why It’s Important to Upgrade Prior to 2020

Sage 300 UpgradeMany Sage 300 users have been reluctant to upgrade their system, with the thinking of if it’s not broke why do I need to upgrade?

Upon the release of 2020, Sage’s current supported versions will only be v2018, v2019 and v2020 & many are faced with upgrades to keep their company data safe and to stay on supported platforms. (Note: this is primarily due to technical issues outside of Sage’s control, for ex: Microsoft dropping support for Windows 7, 2008 Server OS, and 2008 MS SQL Server).

The added benefit is Sage 300 has added some really great functionality over the last few releases that businesses can take advantage of.

Key Benefits in Sage 300 Version 2020 Include:

  • Web Screens
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing
  • Integrated CRM
  • New & Improved User Interface
  • SMTP Email to send all documents
  • Improved Reporting and Business Intelligence (BI)

If you are a few versions back on Sage 300 and faced with the decision to upgrade, be sure to watch this on-demand video now to understand the risks and benefits or staying status quo versus upgrading to Sage 300 v2020.