Retaining existing talent is a top manufacturing business challenge, according to Deloitte’s 2023 Manufacturing Industry Outlook. This top-of-mind workforce challenge – exacerbated, Deloitte’s study says, by the fact that employees leaving by choice outnumber layoffs and terminations – reduces operational efficiency and profit margin.

Manufacturers that make improvements to employee experience, however, will drive quality output and profit generation. Specifically, Gallup found that employee engagement among top- and bottom-quartile business unit and teams represented a 64% difference in safety incidents, a 41% difference in quality and an 18% variance in productivity – all areas that directly tie to profits.

The Key to Unlocking Profits

The key to unlocking profits through employee engagement and retention is best-of-breed, next-generation systems integration, a concept Forrester Research calls a digital operations platform (DOP). Through DOP, manufacturers gain data visibility across the organization to identify trends, relationships and root causes that may be tied to the employee experience.

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