In this SME hosted webinar, Eric Sluss, Fractional CIO, Net at Work and fellow industry experts discuss how manufacturers are using technology roadmaps as a tool to plan and execute digital transformation.

Scarce resources are mandating industrial manufacturers do more with less when it comes to human capital limitations, post-pandemic supply chain impacts on material sourcing, inflationary pressures on margin.

As manufacturers continue to turn towards technology and automation to help ease the burden of these scarcities, it’s critical to initiate and maintain a technology roadmap in alignment with your strategy plan to achieve intended outcomes.

Watch the discussion and learn how by partnering with a technology advisor with expertise in industrial manufacturing, you gain access to deep resources that can help mold your technology roadmap using Next Generation business applications to make up your unique Digital Operations Platform (DOP), thereby positioning your operations to achieve short-term goals as well as aspirations earmarked for 5-year plans and beyond.