Planning for 2020: Leveraging the CRM Service Desk – A Fixed Cost Managed Service

The IT service industry is changing at a record breaking pace. But the methods and approaches for providing support and services hasn’t. Net at Work is changing that through the introduction of our fixed fee, subscription-based managed service for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) end-users.

The Service Desk program for CRM (Microsoft Dynamics 365,, Sage CRM) allows you to make the ongoing changes you need, when you need it. This value-priced, annual support model allows you to leverage real CRM subject matter experts to provide services (and more) without worrying about an exploding budget or surprise costs, including:

  • Creating new reports
  • Reporting about additional fields for your sales team
  • Adding email to case generation capabilities for your customer service team
  • Training your newly hired sales team members
  • Fixed price, no worrying about hours or estimate

Join us for this on-demand webcast and learn about you can reduce your 2020 support costs and get MORE DONE with Net at Work’s CRM Service Desk program.