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For nearly 20 years Net at Work has been helping companies reach their business goals through the effective use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology. We partner with you to grow your business by concentrating on the best use of tools to get the job done.

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CRM at Work

Strategic Advisory Services

We'll help wade through all the options, adapt technology to different size organizations and industries, and translate that into success. Here are some of the CRM programs we provide:

crm concierge

CRM Strategy and Platform Selection

The CRM landscape has changed – a lot. Finding the right platform for your organization requires an expert who will first understand what matters to your business and then help identify the platform that will help you succeed in those areas. Net at Work’s expert team can help you find the right solution based on your specific needs via our CRM Strategy and Platform Selection process. Learn More

crm forensics

CRM Health Check and Audit

Many companies have found their existing CRM deployments have become stagnant and are no longer current with how the company does business today. Net at Work’s CRM Health Check and Audit is designed to redefine what CRM needs to evolve and help you define the right roadmap of changes to continue growing the value you receive from your existing solution. Learn More

crm launch

CRM Managed Services

For those who have CRM in place, but need a team of experts on call to handle the ongoing administration, maintenance and ad hoc requests that come in from your users, Net at Work offers a managed services support program that allows you to continue to grow and evolve your CRM solution without having to invest in a highly trained in house CRM expert. Tell us what you need, and we’ll be your CRM help desk.

CRM quick start

CRM Quick Start

For small businesses just beginning to use CRM for the first time, our CRM Quick Start program is designed to rapidly configure, tailor and deploy the core elements of CRM for your small team. Designed to be available in 6 weeks or less, start to finish, the Quick Start Program is the right solution for small businesses or teams who need some assistance and support but aren’t looking for an Enterprise deployment.

crm custom apps

CRM Project Discovery

The process of implementing a CRM is a learning experience. Being able to anticipate every potential need or usage of a new CRM platform takes a lot of experience, or worse, trial and error. To help create certainty, clarity and focused prioritized CRM programs, Net at Work conducts CRM Project Discovery as stand alone engagements. We will do full business process assessments to define your complete project requirements before a line of code is written. This allows you the time and increased understanding that you are designing your CRM solution to be as effective on day 1.

crm rescue

CRM Rescue

When you get the prognosis from a CRM Health Check and Audit the problem may be people, process or technology. With experienced consultants, analysts and developers we take many challenged customers and get them off and running without switching platforms.

CRM & ERP Integrations

Fast, simple and extremely flexible solutions to your ERP and CRM integration needs.

Sage CRM Integration
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration
NetSuite CRM Integration
Quickbooks CRM Integration
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Digital Marketing Solutions

Mailchimp Service Desk
for Sage CRM


Marketing Automation
for Microsoft Dynamics 365


Service Desk for Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Deployment


Service Desk for Salesforce


CRM Solutions for Accounting Firms

Attract, Market, Cross-Sell Your Clients

Our focus for many years has been enabling smaller firms to grow and larger firms to get truly connected and maximize their client base.

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Recent CRM Resources

White Papers & Guides

If you’re running a field service organization, you probably know by now that customer experience (customer service / customer satisfaction) is very important to your overall business health and growth potential.

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A ‘cost center’ is a division of a company mostly tied to, well, costs. A ‘profit center’ deals with revenue and has some control over the revenues and profits it can generate.

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The “future” of field service is already here. Connected field service combines the Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) technology, and sensors with the power of a robust field service management solution.

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Recorded Webinars & Demos

Salesforce is a powerful player in the world of CRM. As the world’s leading provider of cloud CRM many organizations put their faith in this robust “Customer Success Platform.”

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As the saying goes, “if it’s not measured, it doesn’t exist.” Having the right reports to run on a regular basis is an important part of any CRM implementation. With MS Dynamics, users can configure reports in a format that will make sure they are getting the information they need. Watch this recorded webinar to go over the basics of creating and editing reports in MS Dynamics.

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Among other features, the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook allows users to view Customer Engagement information about email recipients and file emails as Dynamics 365 activities.

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Upcoming CRM Events

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is a versatile and valuable tool that supports your sales, customer service and marketing teams in their daily activities and assignments. In this live webinar we’ll provide a CRM overview.

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The most overlooked, underutilized part of CRM is found in the customer service department. Nearly every CRM solution provides a robust set of tools to help customer service representatives support their customers in a more efficient and effective manner. Join us in this session to get an overview of what the customer service capabilities are in most CRM solutions and see a few examples of how it can be applied in your company

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In this webinar we’ll be providing an overview of leading CRM solutions that companies can benefit from including: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Sage CRM. We’ll highlight the key differentiators between the products and show how each solution’s strengths may benefit certain types of organizations.

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Net at Work is nationally recognized CRM consulting and CRM solutions provider working with industry leading technology vendors including Sage CRM, Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Infor CRM and Act-On.
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