NetSuite for FinancialsDoes Your Accounting System Cause You to Be Busy, Rather than Productive?

Most companies continuously face different issues from a financial and operations perspective, and while they have a good solution that handles their operational needs, what’s lacking is their back office and accounting software.

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, you should attend this introduction webinar to learn more about NetSuite, the #1 Cloud Financial Management Solution.

  • Working for a fast growing company that’s rapidly expanding?
  • Does your current patch work of systems not allow you to scale?
  • Do you have vendors or customers that you buy or sell to in different currencies?
  • Have multiple legal entities or subsidiaries that you’re responsible for financial reporting?
  • Challenged to accurately conduct & report intercompany transactions & consolidations?
  • Is most of your tracking done manually or outside your current systems?
  • Using a remote session to access your financials? (i.e. Remote Desktop, VPN?)
  • When accessing your accounting software, constantly switching between companies?
  • Are you manually generating consolidated financial statements today?
  • Do you wish you had dashboards and reminders to help you manage by exception?
  • Are you using excel to track accounting data or to generate consolidated financials?
  • Are you using excel because your current system does not allow you to build the reports you need for your customers (i.e. Executives, front line staff, sales, operations)?