Next Gen Sales & Marketing Automation with MS Dynamics CRM

Does your Sales team have visibility to all the communications and promotions their clients receive? If the answer is no, your organization (accidental or not) is gatekeeping information by department resulting in inefficiencies, increased costs, duplicate work, and lost sales.

Watch this on-demand webinar to see how Microsoft Dynamics, a Next Generation CRM platform, can streamline and integrate your sales and marketing processes by centralizing customer journey data all in one place – from initial contact to repeat customer. Topics and features in MS Dynamics CRM we will cover include:

  • Marketing Lists – Creating and defining a segmented targeted list from all data
  • Marketing Automation – Mass emailing, campaign automation, web intelligence, surveys, web forms landing pages, social posts, and more
  • Templates and Landing Pages – Creating and maintaining all of your templates with ease
  • Centralized Customer Data – Reviewing a contact record from its lead journey to all sales, accounting, customer service, and marketing efforts — in one place
  • Dashboards and Analytics – Real time access to your marketing analytics