Rippling HROnboarding is a critical process for organizations, and a well-executed onboarding process sets the tone for employees’ relationships with the organization — significantly contributing to long-term performance and satisfaction.

A well-designed, technology-focused onboarding plan can significantly enhance the new employee’s experience. It is imperative to leverage technology at the start of the employee’s journey to foster a positive first impression of the company’s tech-savvy and employee-centric culture.

In this on-demand session we will outline key areas of focus when developing your digitally transformed onboarding plan. And we will demonstrate how Rippling, the leading next-gen HR platform, turns your onboarding dreams into reality.

  • Key takeaways from this session:
  • Learn how to avoid common onboarding pitfalls
  • Learn how to maximize onboarding through interactive, engaging strategies
  • Discover how Rippling provides the optimal employee experience for onboarding