Consolidate Weeks of ERP Solution Research

erp software conparison

Evaluating and choosing the right ERP system can be extremely time-consuming. Net at Work has partnered with Acumatica, NetSuite and Sage to give organizations who are considering replacing their ERP software a quick and less costly method to develop a short list of solutions.

In this recorded session we’ll highlight and compare the features and functionalities of each ERP platform to help you find the best fit for your business.

Topics Include:

  • Market factors driving digital transformation and the need for a modern ERP solution
  • Key features and strengths of each platform: Acumatica, NetSuite, Sage 300, and Sage X3
  • Types of use cases and customers that benefit the most from each platform
  • How to determine the best deployment option for your business

Whether yours is a growing small business or a large corporation, if you are involved in software selection this is a unique chance to learn about top ERP solutions. Get a head start on your ERP software selection project today.