Benefits of Cloud & Managed Services

Learn first-hand why Cloud and Managed Services is the current trend in IT Support Services. Discover how this efficient, cost effective approach addresses the following business challenges:

  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity – Learn why the cloud has become the option of choice to cost effectively prepare for business continuity. Are you waiting for a disaster to determine your strategy?
  • Supporting Business 24 x 365 – How are companies supporting their applications and employees around the clock?
  • Cost – Companies today are requiring more IT support, services and skill sets than they can afford.
  • Management – Is your organization able to ensure or produce the following:
    • Reports and procedures in place to predict and deliver proactive maintenance
    • Strategic Planning for current and future business initiatives
    • Network documentation is current
    • All IT assets are recorded and support contracts are renewed in a timely manner
  • Security – Determining what data, systems are vulnerable. When was the last time you conducted a penetration test?
  • IT as a Utility – Understand which business and infrastructure applications lend themselves to cloud computing, their benefits, and how this may be accomplished.
  • Standardization – The standardization of hardware, software and profiles creates efficiencies across the environment and reduces complexity. Yet most organizations struggle with very mixed environments as products age out over time.