Net at Work’s cloud solutions are based on extensive testing of cloud application performance. As an expert in cloud-hosted applications, our solutions are designed to ensure maximum optimal performance.

Net at Work Managed Cloud


With the scalability and speed of cloud computing you can expand your IT needs instantly to meet increased requirements, and can also scale it down again when you want. Our portfolio of Cloud Services and Cloud Computing Solutions allows you to effectively do more with less, providing you a leaner, more efficient IT model.


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Top 10 Reasons Why Companies are Moving to the Cloud:


  1. Mitigates business risks
  2. Move from CAPEX to OPEX
  3. Infrastructure and/or applications require refresh or upgrade
  4. Cloud industry more mature & economical
  5. Improves accessibility and reliability
  1. Streamlines operations
  2. Provides scalable & secure platform
  3. Significant reduction of IT management tasks
  4. Major reduction of vendor relationships/contracts
  5. Peace of mind

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