Managed Services

Placing a strong emphasis on customer service, our Managed Service and Remote Monitoring programs combine-in a fixed cost offering-the technological benefit of remote network monitoring with the practical advantage of local, on-the-ground, professional IT expertise. Our team of network experts have a round-the-clock real-time view of your network and IT assets, so that early symptoms of trouble can be identified and remedial steps can be taken before problems become severe.

Managed IT Services – Continuously monitoring the health of your infrastructure-and managing growth by:

  • Ensuring Application Availability 24x7x365
  • Reducing Technology Complexities
  • Addressing Ongoing Strategic Technology Challenges & Business Planning
  • Supporting Demanding End-users, Multiple Devices & Locations
  • Providing Constant Administration, Patches & Security Updates
  • Maintaining ‘Living’ Documentation & Compliance

Service Packages

Net at Work offers Service Packages that consist of technical training, as well as end-user and systems support. These packages provide our customers with technical support for issues not covered under equipment warranty. Technical support issues may include a variety of software/hardware inconsistencies, for which it is difficult to obtain help and advice when it is most necessary. With the Net at Work package the customer receives priority resources in solving problems.

We offer, through a variety of simple techniques, technical training to our clients to ensure they know how to utilize and maintain their networks. Training also allows us to update our customers with the skills they need in order to take advantage of new productivity-enhancing features. Above all, our training allows our customers to solve common computer problems.

The advantage of a Net at Work service package is that there is no termination date or unpredictable monthly charge to contend with. After purchasing any of the above service packages, the available service hours are recorded to your account and indefenitely carried over year-to-year.

If you have a particular service issue, you may call us for a consultation. Service hours are then deducted from your package equal to the amount of time a technician spends on the client issue. The hours are recorded at a minimum one-hour with half-hour increments.

Aside from specific service issues, Net at Work provides preventive maintenance programs that are carefully tailored to each individual customer’s needs. Preventive maintenance is recommended to ensure that our clients are utilizing their networks efficiently and effectively. Our technicians monitor the resources within your network and perform routine house keeping functions to provide you with optimal network capacity and utility.

Net at Work’s staff of highly skilled technicians is focused on improving your information systems and making sure your day to day operations run smoothly and successfully. If you have any further questions, or if you would like us to design a custom service support package for you, feel free to call us anytime.

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