Introducing CRM Training Camp for Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Sage CRM

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Introducing CRM Software Training Camp for Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Sage CRM

Over the past few years, Net at Work has been fortunate enough to help hundreds of organizations deploy and leverage CRM to improve the results of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service teams.  Some of these implementations were very simple and largely leveraged out of the box solutions. Some were very large and unique to a specific industry or business process. Nearly all leveraged some form of ERP integration.  One of our takeaways from having been involved in so many of these projects was that within 1 to 2 years, many of these groups had a real need for ongoing training and employee development. The reasons for this are many, but here are some common trends:

CRM Software Training Camp Benefits:

  1. CRM solutions evolve and change every year, sometimes 2 to 3 times a year. There are always new features and capabilities being added that many people simply don’t know about
  2. Staff changes. New employees are hired, people move to new positions and have new responsibilities, and the training program executed during your project needs to be revisited to account for these new team members and roles.
  3. The organization has changed and so have its goals. What you focused on three years ago has evolved, sometimes dramatically and there are new KPIs, MBOs, and areas of need that weren’t part of your original project and training program.

Based on these scenarios as well as others, it became very apparent that we needed to provide a mechanism to address these scenarios and help people continue to gain value from the CRM investments previously made. So as a result, we’ve made a concreted effort this year to develop and offer completely new training programs to both new and well established CRM users. The result of these efforts is now available in the form of our new CRM Training Camp programs.

CRM software training

Net at Work’s CRM Software Training Camp is probably a little different than what you’ve experienced in the past. It’s not based on web conferences and remote calls. It’s a hands-on, lab-based, instructor driven program that is conducted in your office or location of your choosing.  Training sessions can vary from one day to a full week depending on what is being covered and how many attendees are expected.

Each day has a predefined schedule of topics that we will overview, and demonstrate before guiding your team through a series of hands on prebuilt exercises to reinforce the key points. The program is focused, intensive, real world based but also fun for the attendees.

The CRM Training Camp program is now available for users of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, and Sage CRM. We encourage you to contact us to learn more and see about scheduling a training program to help your team increase results, efficiency and effectiveness within CRM.