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Your Business Management Software Has a Lot to Say About You And Your Customers, Prospects & Competitors are Listening

Back in 2014, Forrester made a bold statement. “Software is becoming the brand,” its analysts declared. Your software and users’ interaction with the software significantly influences the perception of your company, they pointed out. Fast forward a few years to…


How to Limit Production Tracking in Sage X3 to Allocated Work Orders

In this post, we will review how you can use the production tracking control parameter MTKALLMGT in Sage X3 to force the allocation of components to a work order before any production activity for that work order can be recorded….

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Exceptional Leader – Hedy Lamarr

Often called “The Most Beautiful Woman in Film,” Hedy Lamarr’s beauty and screen presence made her one of the most popular actresses of her day but she is also has been dubbed as the ““the mother of Wi-Fi” and other…


CIO + CFO: The Ultimate Digital Transformation Partnership

By the time you reach the C-suite level, the roles are so specialized they may appear to have almost no overlap. It’s certainly the case with CIOs and CFOs; however, that’s changing. As companies embark on their digital transformation journeys,…


Sage HRMS Year-End Assistance

Do Not Stress Over Year-End! Net at Work Senior Business Analysts can support you while you navigate through payroll year-end procedures. Our prescribed year-end program is designed to proactively educate you on all areas of closing out the year so…


What’s New in Sage X3 Distribution & Manufacturing

In this post, we’ll take a look at what’s new in Sage X3 Distribution & Manufacturing with the release of 2021R3 (V12P27)—including the latest changes to existing functionality. Distribution 1) New! Automated Data Collection Includes 5 web-based functions for distribution….


24/7 Network Monitoring — A Critical Piece of the Tech Puzzle

More than ever before, businesses need their networks online and performing 24/7/365. However, due to the inherent frailties of technology components, the increasing likelihood of disruptive weather events, and the near inevitability of a cyberattack, companies — and their networks — are vulnerable. Network monitoring is a critical IT process that…


Adding Additional Invoices to Closed POs in Sage X3

Periodically, you may find yourself in a situation where your PO has been accidentally closed—and marked as fully invoiced—upon receipt of a partial invoice. Even if you use the Close and re-open orders function to re-open the PO, you still…


7 ways SaaS supercharges Your Digital Transformation Efforts

The pandemic proved customer behaviors can turn on a dime. Companies that weren’t able to keep up quickly found there was a line of competitors waiting to take up the slack. If you’re like most businesses, that reality means your…


Project Spotlight: Federal White Cement Builds Solid Foundation with Net at Work and Sage X3

With the same properties as its gray cousin, white cement ensures clean, bright, consistent colors that make a statement. Federal White Cement is one of the few manufacturers and distributors of this less common variety of structural and architectural cement….


How to Manage Withholding Tax in Sage X3

A withholding tax, also known as a retention tax, is a required tax paid directly to a tax authority by the buyer of goods or services. Withholding tax is typically calculated as a percentage of the amount of the sale….


Multi-Factor Authentication: Simple. Effective. Essential.

When it comes to protecting your corporate data, passwords are the weakest link. Stolen login credentials were responsible for 67% of data breaches in 2020. That’s why multi-factor authentication (MFA) is the gold standard for preventing unauthorized access. Just how…


Exceptional Leader – Mika Rottenberg

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, I would like to highlight one of the most inspiring and inventive contemporary visual artists I’ve come across.  Mika Rottenberg was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1976, and completed her art education in…


Four Lessons Learned About Cyber Security and the Remote Workforce

There’s been no single more significant shift in the workforce than that caused by the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Almost overnight, millions of workers left the office to continue their workplace efforts from their dining room tables. While technologies made…

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