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Viewing Transaction Currency Rates in X3

Sage X3 multi-currency translates transactions entered in foreign currency into your native accounting or ‘ledger’ currency and automatically provides any exchange variance (gain/loss) due to currency fluctuations for these transactions. In this blog post, we will look at an example…


Learning Management Systems: the Way You Share and Collaborate

In a recent study by HR Daily Advisor, 78% of initiative-oriented HR professionals were responsible for leading learning and development initiatives, yet only 35% used a Learning Management System (LMS). However, the ongoing pandemic and remote workforce shift, has organizations…

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How to Mass Update Work Order Start/End Dates and Priority

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to change the start or end date of multiple existing work orders? Whether the scheduling mode is Forward or Backward, it is possible to use a function in Sage…


7 Steps to Improving Data Security in 2022

2021 greatly reinforced the vulnerability of networks and the near inevitability of a cyber incident. Staying ahead of phishing, ransomware, and the new wave of sophisticated cyberthreats means addressing vulnerabilities has never been more crucial. The best safeguard is to put in place…


Sage X3 & Sage 500 Year-End: 1099 Processing for Calendar Year 2021

Once again, it is time to start preparing 1099 filings for calendar year 2021. Sage recently released the 1099 updates for 2021 for both Sage X3 and Sage 500. In this post we will review what you should expect if…


Demystifying Sage Cloud ERP Accounting Software Options

Sage Intacct, Sage X3, Sage Cloud, Partner Cloud, which is right for you? With your inboxes filled daily with messages about their Cloud and SaaS based solutions, we’ve pulled it all together in this 30-minute informative session: Clarifying the Noise…


The Business Imperative for Next Generation Business Management Software

As a small or midsized business (SMB) operating in a rapidly evolving marketplace, the right business management software can create and differentiate your brand, giving you a decisive competitive edge. Speed and agility — two attributes of “next generation” software…


Signs It’s Time to Consider Changing your Fund Accounting System

If your nonprofit is struggling under the inefficiency of an outdated or underpowered accounting system, you already feel the pain. The extra work involved to evaluate software and build a business case will be worth it when your organization strengthens…


Looking at Slices of Your Left List

Are you interested in isolating items in the Left List? Do you want the ability to slice the Left List data into pieces and be able to review it one piece at a time? Without any fancy customizations? Let’s examine a quick and simple…


Why Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage Just Got Harder to Get

Cyber liability insurance is gaining in popularity as a tool to help companies hedge the financial losses caused by the rising threat of cyber incidents. However, recent changes are making cyber coverage harder to buy. What is the state of…


6 Tasks to Cross Off Your Year-End ERP Checklist

A year-end ERP checklist can assist you in preparing your systems for the coming year. This checklist not only provides a straightforward plan for ending the year on a happy note, but it also assures that all of the hard…


Log4j Zero-Day Vulnerability: What You Need to Know

On December 9, a critical vulnerability was revealed in Apache’s Log4J, a popular Java open source logging system by developers of web and server applications. The vulnerability affects a broad range of services and applications on servers, making it extremely…


4 Ways an MSP Helps Proactively Manage Your IT Environment

100-year storms. Global pandemics. Supply chain gridlocks. Last year businesses experienced multiple waves of serious and disruptive events. Some were crippled by the unexpected. Others didn’t miss a beat. Of those that fared well, many worked with third-party IT service…


The Real Costs of Systems Downtime

In March 2019, a 14-hour outage cost Facebook (now Meta) an estimated $90 million. Another six-hour outage hit the social media giant in October of 2021, inflicting what could have been another $38 million hit. Coincidentally, as I’m writing this,…

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