MAS 90 / MAS 200 Tips And Tricks

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In this MAS 90/200 Tips and Tricks post we’ll show you how to link SageCRM salespeople to multiple divisions, and how to delete a credit card from customer maintenance.

Linking SageCRM Salespeople To Multiple Divisions (Tip 1)

Note: You must have Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200 Version 4.3 with Service Update 8 or greater to link SageCRM salespeople to multiple divisions in Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200. This procedure assumes you are starting with unlinked Sage ERP MAS 90 and SageCRM.

Step One: Setup Sage ERP MAS 90 Salespersons and SageCRM user IDs
We will use salesperson Susan Maye as our example salesperson.

  1. In SageCRM, create user IDs for all salespeople (For example: MayeS).
  2. In Sage ERP MAS 90 or 200, create user logons for all salespeople (For example: SusanM).

Note: If integrated logons are used, SageCRM user accounts must match Sage ERP MAS 90 user logons. In our example, we would use MayeS for both user accounts.

Step Two: Relate the SageCRM user IDs and Sage ERP MAS 90 user logons in Salesperson Maintenance

  1. Expand Accounts Receivable and Setup. Double-click Salesperson Maintenance.
  2. Create a salesperson record for each division applicable to that salesperson.Note: The salesperson number does not need to be the same in each division, but it may be easier to track the accounts if they are. For example:
    • Division 1: Salesperson No = 01-1000
    • Division 2: Salesperson No = 02-1000
  3. Select the Relate To SageCRM check box. Match the SageCRM user ID and the Sage ERP MAS 90 user logon. For example:
    • SageCRM User ID = MayeS
    • Sage ERP MAS 90 user logon = SusanM

Note: The same SageCRM user ID and Sage ERP MAS 90 user logon combination must be used when relating the same salesperson in other divisions.

Step Three: Link the companies

  1. In SageCRM, click the Maintain Relationship button.
  2. Click the Next Available Customer Number button. The division defaults to the first division the salesperson is linked to in Salesperson Maintenance and assigns the next customer number from Account Receivable Options.
  3. Edit the division and customer numbers manually if desired.
  4. Accept the link.

Note: If the division and customer number is manually entered and currently exists in Sage ERP MAS 90, but is not linked to a SageCRM company, the link will be made to the existing customer and data will be synced based on the SageCRM company data.

How To Delete A Credit Card From Customer Maintenance (Tip 2)

Note: Credit cards with current activity cannot be deleted.

  1. Open Customer Maintenance, and select the customer.
  2. Select the ëAdditionalí tab.
  3. If the card is the Primary Credit Card, highlight the number in the Number field, press the Delete key and then press Enter. Accept the change. Primary credit cards cannot be deleted unless this is done.
  4. From Customer Maintenance, click the Credit Cards button to access Credit Card Maintenance.
  5. Select the credit card number.
  6. Click the Delete button and Accept.

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