Quick Start Package: Automated Clearing House (ACH)

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Net at Work’s ACH Quick Start enables clients to set up secure electronic payments for Accounts Payable using the Automated Clearing House network (ACH). ACH is an electronic network for financial transactions in the United States that is supported by most banks via a mostly standard file format.

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While the bank file transmission methods and the exact file requirements do vary by bank, Net at Work’s ACH Quick Start will install and configure ACH and provide the tools and training you need to complete the configuration requirements and test the files with your bank.


  • Consulting on ACH processes for Accounts Payable, bank requirements, and security options
  • Installation and configuration of a standard ACH Accounts Payable file format in one live and one pilot folder
  • Modifications to the ACH file format for any bank-specific requirements
  • A Visual Process Flow in Sage X3 to represent associated processes in Accounts Payable
  • Remote training session for up to 2 users on the configuration requirements and use of the file
  • ACH How To Guide for Sage X3 users
  • Support for testing ACH with the bank
  • OPTIONAL: Confirmation email to the supplier to alert them of pending ACH payment


Step 1 – Net at Work meets with you to review options available with the bank and specific requirements
Step 2 – Net at Work installs the standard ACH file format and Visual Process Flow via patch
Step 3 – Net at Work configures the file based on specific bank requirements and configures required payment method and payment term
Step 4 – Remote Training session for up to two Accounts Payable Sage X3 users
Step 5 – With Net at Work’s support, you complete the configuration requirements in Sage X3 master data and test the ACH payable process with the bank


$4,995 for the first bank account | +$1,995 for each additional bank account
+$1,495 for optional email notification to suppliers (Software and T&E not included)

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