eRequester is a robust Web-based purchase requisition, approval, Purchase Order and receiving solution for Sage ERP X3.

This integrated solution provides tremendous control over the entire purchasing process, including: internal purchase requests, notifications, approvals, management of items, projects, general ledger accounts, vendors, creation of purchase orders, receiving and invoice matching.

In this webinar we will focus on the features of the e-requisitions solution for X3:

  • Easy Requisition Creation: Designed to interface directly with Sage ERP X3 . Users can easily select vendors and items, see what’s left in a specific or rolled-up GL budget in real time, and quickly recreate requisitions for future orders using templates
  • Streamlined Authorizations Accountability: eRequester users can route requests through the approval hierarchy, based on flexible criteria such as order type or vendor category, and eRequester approvers can approve, reject, ask for changes, or request additional information
  • PO Order Accountability: Approved requisitions can be converted into purchase orders in the integrated ERP, using its master tables for vendors, chart of accounts and other variables, and supporting three-way matching in the accounting system, facilitating greater accountability and reconciliation of orders, invoices and organizational spend
  • Visibly Into Relevant Transaction: Saved in your transaction history, requisitions and POs are easily accessed for quick reference. Approval history is also tracked for spending accountability