Move Goods Through Your Warehouse at Maximum Speed

With eCommerce and online sales increasing, reducing warehousing costs and in particular that of ‘pick and pack’ is a key target area for businesses. A warehouse management system adds efficiency, consistency and quality control by helping you move goods through your warehouse at maximum speed, improving every stage of the fulfilment process.

Watch our on-demand web event to learn how Datalinx Warehouse Manager for Sage X3 can provide updates in real-time, connect all of the business, increase responsiveness and ensure the business is agile to change:

  • Fully embedded warehouse application within Sage X3
  • Allows a business to connect its warehouse operators in real-time to the rest of the business
  • Brings the capability normally seen with standalone WMS inside Sage X3
  • Empowers the operators of fork lift trucks and operatives in the warehouse to have the same system capabilities as someone in the Sales or Accounting office
  • Liberates the functionality in native Sage X3, which is very capable, but not designed for the warehouse user
  • Provides an extensive set of warehouse management-based business process flows
  • Never takes data outside of Sage X3