What is Sage Business Cloud and How it Works ?

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Sage Business Cloud is considered the one and only comprehensive business management solution companies will ever need across their whole business journey. Sage has a full scale of products including Accounting and Financials, Enterprise Management, People and Payroll, and Banking and Payments solutions. These products are supported by hundreds of market-place applications which will all be integrated within one common platform, providing business builders with best-of-breed solutions and applications to help build and manage their entire business.

Dubbed a postmodern ERP, Sage Business Cloud is purpose-built to support the next generation of business and can be implemented by companies of all shapes and sizes at any stage of their business journey. According to Stephen Kelly, CEO of Sage, businesses need solutions that will “enable them to respond at lightning speed and deliver insights as well as opportunity.” Sage Business Cloud promises to do exactly that.

Users will have access to a wide-ranging collection of integrated, mix-and-match, cloud-native ERP solutions and with the added benefits of the latest advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, Sage Business cloud will not only help meet the complex and unique needs of every business, but also help businesses increase productivity and efficiency.

Sage has positioned its C-Line products (Sage 100c, Sage 300c etc.) as a channel into Sage Business Cloud, inducing a name change for the products; Sage 100cloud, Sage 300cloud etc. Sage has also renamed Sage X3 ERP to Sage Enterprise Management also a part of the Sage Business Cloud. The new naming practice is a marketing strategy to indicate that these products are connected to the cloud and can access cloud-native add-ons such as Sage Inventory Advisor Basics, Multi-Bin from DSD and Scanforce, AP Automation, Payroll 2.0 and Scanco Mobility.

In the cloud, business builders are able to invest their time and resources into building the business without having to worry about servers, data security, and backups. Also, Sage Business Cloud promises up to 177% ROI.

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