Six Reasons to Consider Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

By: | Category: IT / Infrastructure

While it is certainly possible to create your own cloud backup and disaster recovery strategy, there are several highly desirable benefits of employing a managed plan—also frequently called disaster recovery as a service, or DRaaS. This blog post will discuss six of these advantages.

1. Guaranteed backups

The DRaaS provider works in concert with a company’s management and IT department to guarantee that backups are current and complete, with all required virtual machines, servers, applications, and data files stored on secure cloud servers. This level of comprehensiveness can provide peace of mind to DRaaS clients.

2. Cost-effective

DRaaS does not require large capital outlays, and is easy to scale up or down as circumstances dictate. The vendor typically provides the necessary resources as part of a monthly or yearly subscription plan. This level of cost-effectiveness and flexibility is important for smaller and mid-size businesses, which may be resource-constrained.

3. Consideration of various scenarios

A DRaaS vendor works with companies to establish a formal plan for recovery in different scenarios, and with different levels of personnel, equipment, facilities, and capabilities. This knowledge of potential circumstances results from the vendor’s experience in the world of disaster preparedness and recovery.

4. Customization to business needs

While there are sample disaster recovery plan templates and documents, none of them will be an exact fit for a specific business. Partnering with a vendor offering DRaaS lets organizations receive expert and customized guidance on critical areas of planning.

5. Access to resources

A managed disaster recovery vendor can also provide resources in the event of an outage or disaster. These include temporary facilities, employees, communications assistance, and other fill-in services and resources to help businesses continue to run—even in the most serious of conditions.

6. Plan testing expertise

A DRaaS vendor is knowledgeable about the creation as well as testing of disaster recovery plans. In regards to testing, they can help troubleshoot any glitches that may arise. The vendor’s involvement can also help guarantee the plan is tested periodically, as well as each time changes are made.

Using a third party for data backup and disaster recovery planning can afford many important benefits. The vendor’s expertise provides assurance that data backups are comprehensive; all elements of disaster recovery have been considered; and the disaster recovery plan is customized to clients’ specific requirements. A disaster recovery as a service engagement also provides benefits around cost, access to resources, and plan testing. Contact our IT experts to know more about comprehensive data backup solutions.