25Founders: Who Do You Turn to for Advice?

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Congratulations to Edward Solomon, Net at Work co-founder, who was recently invited to join 25Founders, a collective of successful entrepreneurs who serve as an editorial board of advisors for NY Report. The monthly magazine and website aims at helping both established businesses and young entrepreneurs gain access to the latest industry news, tips from seasoned experts, and plenty of networking opportunities

Each month, 25Founders members will be asked expert opinions on important topics for business owners with the goal of providing ideas for your own business, based on real-world successes and strategies. This month the members were asked who they turn to for advice? Here’s what Edward had to say:

Although I have always thought about seeking out a mentor, for some reason I have not been successful in doing so. However, when faced with challenges or embarking on new initiatives, I reach out to the many successful individuals that I have met over the years. The combined experience of these “virtual mentors” has been invaluable to me. The list ranges from successful corporate executives to serial entrepreneurs, and inspiring community leaders to people I respect because of their personal qualities. I believe that there is something of value to learn from anyone we interact with if you take the time to observe and reflect. And sometimes you learn what not to do.

Who do you turn to for advice? Let us know using the comments field below!