ERP Best Practices for Food and Beverage Manufacturing

By: | Category: Distribution / Manufacturing, ERP

Food & Beverage manufacturing companies have very specific needs. From compliance, to lot traceability, to inventory control, they require an ERP solution that enables them to manage and control their operations. The right ERP Manufacturing solution, like Sage ERP X3, can be the key to their success and growth.

If you are a food and beverage manufacturer evaluating ERP solutions we highly suggest that you join Sage Software next week for a one hour live webcast. You will learn how a food manufacturer like yourself determined it had outgrown its current ERP Solution. How it evaluated ERP solutions that are a good fit for food manufacturers. And, why they ultimately decided on Sage ERP X3 over 8 other solutions. You will also see a live product demonstration of Sage ERP X3 showcasing some of the most common features required by food and beverage operations.