Why QuickBooks Users are Moving to NetSuite – The #1 Cloud ERP

In order for businesses to compete and grow in this digital economy they need access to Next Generation Digital Operating Platforms (DOP). QuickBooks while good for small companies, quickly meets its limitations resulting in numerous manual work arounds to meet the demands of a growing small business.

In this on-demand webinar our SMB transformation specialists will discuss best practices in identifying the signs you may have outgrown QuickBooks, and reasons you should upgrade to a modern DOP like NetSuite Cloud Financials/ERP.

Does this sound like your organization? If so, you are most likely bumping into limitations, so join this session and take the first step to putting the right technology solutions in place.

  • Is your organization using multiple software tools across departments?
  • Are you bumping up against user and storage limits?
  • Is email your workflow engine?
  • Do you have the reports you need at your fingertips?
  • Is your month end process way too long?
  • What’s the sales team using to track leads and opportunities?
  • How do you handle new lines of business?
  • How painful is an audit?